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This strain was bred by Powerzzzup genetics and is a cross between Snowman x The Y.

Buy Gary Payton Cookies   Theres a nice story behind this strain named after Hall of fame Basketball player Gary Payton. Berner explains he sat at a table with the breeders Powerzzzup genetics and they came up with Gary Payton. Soon after they were having a meeting over the name with mutual friends of Gary Payton and the next thing you know there is a strain name now after this NBA Legend


Buy Gary Payton Cookies

Firstly, the smell that’s released as the nugs are burned takes on a similar effect, although it can turn dank and pungent at times. The effects creep up on you a few minutes after your first toke, suddenly dropping you into a happy sociable state. You’ll feel euphoric and willing to talk to anyone around you, although you might become distracted at times with wild creative thoughts. As this effect grows, it can become slightly stoney which can leave you sedated and sleepy if you’re not careful.Buy Gary Payton Cookies

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In addition, a combination with its THC level, these effects make Berner’s Cookies perfect for treating chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, depression, and chronic stress. This bud has small round grape-shaped forest green nugs with bright fiery orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal. Buy Gary Payton Cookies

Origin of Gary Payton Cookies:

California-based cannabis brand cookies launched a unique cannabis strain named after the American basketball player and NBA legend Gary Payton. In collaboration with powerzzz genetics, cookies officially licensed Gary Payton’s name and image after naturally calling a flower  as a standout strain of cannabis. Buy Gary Payton Cookies

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According to Gary vaynerchuk, partner at green street, “It’s a first for someone like gary with such an accomplished athletic career to have their own cannabis strain and this really shows how open he is to completely new business and branding opportunities.

Buy Gary Payton Cookies

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Oz (28grams), Qp (114grams), Hp (228grams), P (454grams)

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